About Romulus

Romulus focuses on regenerating, developing and investing in property, primarily in London. We manage our properties in-house and enhance their setting by commissioning original works of art.

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We are an active investor in properties that produce long term income and which we can enhance through redevelopment, refurbishment or change of use.

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Our London portfolio spans from Hammersmith to the City, and provides a home for companies ranging from global listed businesses to start ups. We selectively invest outside of London, particularly in the USA.

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Our Portfolio

  • 2-4 King Street
    Hammersmith (Retail & Offices)
    4 & 7 Lyric Square
    Hammersmith (Retail & Offices)
    Beadon Rd Retail Units
    Hammersmith (Retail & Offices)
    Britannia House
    Hammersmith (Serviced Offices)
  • Glen House
    Hammersmith (Offices)
    Space One
    Hammersmith (Offices)
    The Triangle
    Hammersmith (Offices)
    184 New Kings Road
    Fulham (Offices & Residential)
  • 2-6 Fulham Broadway
    Fulham (Retail & Offices)
    555 Kings Road
    Fulham (Retail & Offices)
    559 to 573 Kings Rd
    Fulham (Retail)
    642 Kings Road
    Fulham (Retail & Offices)
  • Argon Mews
    Fulham (Offices)
    Barclay House
    Fulham (Education)
    Fulham Centre
    Fulham (Shops, Bank & Offices)
    Sandford House
    Fulham (Offices)
  • 101 Euston Road
    Central London (Retail & Offices)
    Cannon Street
    Central London (Offices)
    Forest Hill
    Central London (Retail & Housing)
    105 Forbes Boulevard
  • 300 Foxborough Boulevard
    37 Newbury Street, Boston
    Other USA Investments
    Orchard House
    Oxford St, London (Retail & Offices)
  • Park Lane Mews
    22 Park Lane, London (Hotel)
    6 Princes Gate
    Chelsea (Offices & Apartments)
    291 Broadway
    New York (Offices)
    40-44 Burlington Road
    Fulham (Residential)
  • 344 Kensington High St
    Chelsea (Offices & Residential)
    Fulham Pottery
    Fulham (Offices & Listed Building)
    Sandford Manor Estate
    London SW6 (Residential)
    Hotel IBIS Heathrow Airport
    Bath Rd, Hillingdon (Hotel)
  • Taymount Rise
    London SE23 (Residential)
    Marine Parade & Madeira Place
    Brighton (Offices & Hotel)
    Kingsgate House
    Fulham (Offices & Social Housing)
    4 Palace Gate
    Chelsea W8 (Offices & Embassy)
  • Kelvin Court
    Glasgow GL12 (Residential)
    Woodhurst South
    Maidenhead SL6 (Residential)
    Great West Road
    Brentford TW8 9AN (Industrial)